Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

How do you use outdoor gym equipment?

Though the outdoor gym and fitness equipment may look different from the designs you see indoors, the procedure you follow is pretty much the same. First, you should take time to do some stretching before you start a workout as you look around to see what equipment is available for you to use. Then, test the equipment and assess it for any damages to ensure that all the parts are intact before you start exercising with each equipment.

Test your limits and stick to them because there is less supervision of the outdoor gym equipment, and you might be the only one there. Do not use a piece of equipment that feels awkward or uncomfortable because there may be no one else in the park to help you in case of an injury. If you encounter a piece of equipment with poor exercise biomechanics or one that you don’t know how to use, try to avoid it by all means or get assistance.

Are outdoor gyms any good?

Outdoor gym equipment is great and can help you achieve your fitness goals and get in shape. When used appropriately, they can make your workout routines full of fun and have the same effect on your overall health and fitness, just like indoor gyms. They are made of high-quality materials that will push you to the limits while taking advantage of fresh air, natural scenic views and direct sunlight; experiences you can’t get indoors!

What are outdoor gyms called?

While exercising outdoors is not an alien idea in the gymnasium circles, outdoor gyms equipment hasn’t been around for long. But they are increasingly becoming popular. A standard term is yet to emerge. As of now, they are called green gyms, open-air gyms or outdoor gyms. They are common in beaches, urban parks, school sports grounds, neighbourhoods, and non-urban recreation areas like forest parks, beaches, and lake promenades.

Is it better to work out in a gym or outside?

You can achieve your fitness goals by working out at the gym or outdoors. But outside workouts come with the therapeutic advantages of nature, such as fresh air circulation, direct sunlight, and natural scenic views, all of which make your exercise routine more fun and enjoyable. You can’t get these benefits exercising under fluorescence lights indoors.

What exercises can you do outside?

You can do a myriad of exercises outside, such as running, hiking, rock climbing, kettlebells, side leap, park-bench dip, park-bench push-up, slacklining and kayaking/rowing among others. You can also partake in outdoor activities by playing different types of fun games such as volleyball, football and exercise with a lot of fun without noticing it. Walking around the park or neighbourhood for 30 minutes is also a great way to workout outside.

What are the types of outdoor gym equipment for practice?

There are five main types of outdoor gym equipment pieces for practice that you will find in most outdoor fitness zones. They include upper body and core machines like lat pulldown, butterfly machine and chest press. Lower body machines such as lying leg curl, leg extension and leg press. Cardiovascular machines like cross country skiers and air walkers. Strength and flexibility machines like tai-chi spinners, pull-up pole stations and multi-bars. And combination equipment like sit-up benches, leg press machines, lat pulldown and vertical press.

What is a fitness park?

A fitness park, also known as a fitness zone, is a designated place fitted with outdoor gym equipment for strength training, core development, balance and aerobic exercise. These areas provide free services to the local community and often can be accessed 24/7.

Such fitness zones benefit both individuals and the local community and are meant to make physical activity more accessible to the community members. They are installed by the local council and are designed with durable and sustainable materials to serve lots of people and protect the environment.

Do park gyms work?

The fact that park gyms are cheap doesn’t mean they are less efficient or offer less fitness quality. They work well and provide some of the most effective exercises, such as body weight and HIIT workouts that help you to lose bodyweight and build lean muscles.

Why is an outdoor gym considered better than an indoor gym?

The environment you exercise in has an effect on the quality of your workouts as well as your physical and mental health. Outdoor gym equipment exposes you to the outside, spacious environment where you can exercise in the natural environment, carry out more strenuous and longer workouts and get direct access to direct sunlight.

All this helps to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. It can also trigger the release of Vitamin D and other hormones, like endorphins, that help to improve your moods and make your workouts more fun and enjoyable. You cannot take advantage of all these natural benefits of an outdoor gym when exercising indoors. That is why an outdoor gym is considered better than an indoor alternative.

What are the benefits of exercising outdoors?

Exercising outdoors has many benefits. First, you come into contact with direct sunlight that provides Vitamin D when infused with the skin. Vitamin D helps to make your bones and teeth healthier and stronger. Sunlight also facilitates the release of endorphins, which are associated with happiness and good moods. This helps make your workouts more fun and less strenuous.

The outdoor natural and green scenic views act as a natural medicine to physiological and mental stress. The release of such tension makes you mentally and physically healthier and improves your ability to focus and concentrate.

You also get to meet many friends and build friendships with new people, which improves your interpersonal relationships. You end up with a social support system full of fitness enthusiasts. These are people who you can turn to when you need help, and they make you feel encouraged and motivated to continue with your workout routine. You are less likely to fall behind your workout schedule when surrounded by such a network of people who share the same fitness goals with you.

What are the pros and cons of working out outdoors?

The pros of working outdoors are numerous. The green, natural scenic views of outdoor and direct sunlight are suitable for your mental and physical wellbeing. The outdoor environment helps to boost your immune system, you get access to therapeutic scenes, improve your social interaction, burn more calories and come into direct contact with beneficial sunshine that acts as a natural source of Vitamin D.

The cons of working out outdoors are that you are at the whims of Mother Nature. Think bad weather, strong winds, rain, hail, snow and sleet, all of which you have no control over. That means you need to be prepared to face these challenges if the outdoor weather conditions turn against you when exercising with outdoor gym equipment. You also risk exposure to possible allergies and air pollutants if you live in a densely populated city.

Should my school invest in outdoor gym equipment?

Childhood obesity has become a burning issue of concern to the point where the WHO (World Health Organisation) regards it as one of the most serious global public health challenges for the 21st century. Therefore, the need for school children to take part in physical training and activity cannot be underestimated. Investing in outdoor gym equipment will help your students stay mentally and physically fit, and increase their ability to focus and concentrate on their studies.

Is an outdoor gym expensive?  

An outdoor gym is the least expensive way for the members of any community to access fitness facilities and achieve their fitness goals. Apart from the initial cost of buying and installing the equipment, which is incurred by the local authority, access to these fitness zones is mostly free. You can stroll by the park or the neighbourhood at any time and exercise with the various pieces of equipment available. Even the special outdoor gym equipment that charges a fee is usually affordable compared to the membership fees that you have to shell out to access fitness facilities at indoor gym clubs. So, an outdoor gym is not expensive.

How to protect outdoor gym equipment

Our outdoor gym pieces are all made using the highest quality of materials, specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions year after year. In order to keep your equipment looking good as new, you could occasionally wash down the items with warm soapy water to remove any moss, mould or dirt.