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Versatile and robust outdoor gym equipment designed for schools, playgrounds and parks.

Gym Equipment for Schools

Our wide range of equipment has a variety of health benefits and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Perfect for primary and secondary schools and parks and playgrounds.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

Exercising outdoors is not a new trend. People have been using parks, playgrounds, and open fields for their daily run or practice and playing other fun games outdoors for years. But outdoor gym equipment in parks, schools, playgrounds, and gardens is a relatively new craze growing in popularity arising out of the need to create and encourage new ways of building mental and physically healthier communities.

Taking part in outdoor activities has been proven to be one of the best ways to improve health and happiness for children and adults. For years, expensive membership fees at private gym clubs have erected entry barriers and denied many people from low-income neighbourhoods from participating in workouts and physical activity.

That is why many councils, schools and other organisations have installed outdoor gym equipment for public parks, schools, and playgrounds in neighbourhoods. In school, children can use the equipment during break times or PE lessons. They are also available for free to members of the local communities who want to adopt a lifestyle of exercise and stay fit and active.

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Outdoor Workout Equipment For All

Outdoor workout equipment for all types of people of all ages are commonly found in local community parks or playgrounds in UK neighbourhoods. Local councils usually install them for people seeking to improve their lifestyle by embracing routine workout activities to become healthier. Any person can access such fitness zones and use the equipment without the need to sign up for an expensive gym membership.

Therefore, outdoor workout equipment helps to level the playing field for fitness enthusiasts in low-income area who cannot afford to sign up for expensive membership in most indoor gym clubs. They are available for free by school students and the public, enabling more people to increase their activity level, and feel healthier.

Outdoor gym equipment for all has various uses and applications. Apart from the many health and mental benefits that this equipment offers to the users, they also help build a healthy community and promote social interactions where people can build a network of social support.

Here are the various uses and applications of outdoor gym equipment centres that are available for use in the UK.

Cardiovascular Exercise

These are machines that promote lung fitness and heart health. They also help improve stamina, endurance, and blood circulation. Participating in cardio helps in burning fat, losing weight, and getting better sleep at night. Common machines that used for cardio are rowing machines, step mills and treadmills among others.

Strength Training

These machines are used for building muscles and strengthening ligaments and tendons. Resistance training lowers the risk of sports-based or exercise injury. They help increase one’s base metabolic rate by increasing the number of calories burned even after your training session. They also help increase bone density, reduce muscle loss, and avert the risk of osteoporosis. Popular outdoor gym equipment for resistance training include power towers, stamina workout station, pull up and dip bar and adjustable dumbbells for lifting weights.

Flexibility, Balance, and Core Strengthening

These outdoor gym equipment units focus on warm-up and cool-down exercises to improve balance and flexibility. Compared to other forms of training, they have a lower impact, hence it is perfect for people with joint issues. Core strengthening workouts also help children improve their spatial awareness and coordination. For adults, they help reduce the risk of falls. Common equipment for flexibility, balance, and core strengthening includes balance beams and sit-up benches.

Outdoor Gym Equipment for Gardens

Many people who have a gym at home or are members of different gym clubs also choose to have outdoor gym equipment for their backyards. Having gym equipment for their gardens helps them break the monotony of indoor workouts and enjoy the freedom of doing some exercises outside, where they can enjoy a breeze of fresh air and sunshine. Some may choose to install a callisthenics station in their garden backyard for bodyweight exercise and equipment for portable activities such as jumping a rope.

The most common outdoor gym equipment for gardens are power towers for bodyweight training, a stamina outdoor workout station, stamina outdoor exercise bench, portable pull up and dip bar, suspension trainer, adjustable dumbbells, agility ladder, jump rope, and bottle rope. Most people who have garden exercise equipment confess that exercising in the fresh air in their garden gives them a better workout experience than their gym. This is just one of the many benefits of installing backyard gym equipment.

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Outdoor Gym Equipment for Schools & Children

Outdoor gym equipment for schools, nurseries, kindergartens and play centres are excellent ways to keep children active. Each day, only one out of three children are physically active. Children can get so busy with homework schedules, music lessons and often spend many hours on their phones, playing video games and watching TV in a day.

This busy schedule, compounded by the fact that most children are not encouraged to engage in physical activity, leaves them with no time to exercise. That is why poor health and obesity have become an alarming health issue among children. Studies in most UK schools have shown that a low level of activity among school children is a significant contributor to this health hazard.

That is why there has been an increasing need to have outdoor gym equipment in schools to help increase activity levels in kids. An outdoor garden gym can be used by pupils during lessons and break times to stay active, get fresh air and improve their health and happiness.

Kids outdoor fitness equipment also helps children increase their energy levels and make it easy for kids to focus and concentrate on learning during lessons. They also gain exposure to direct sunlight, which is a natural source of Vitamin D. This helps them to grow up with strong bones and healthy teeth. Exposing them to fresh air outdoors can also help them to relax and become happier, which could also be achieved through fun days out to local farms and parks.

Also, outdoor gym equipment for schools helps introduce children to fitness equipment early in life in the school environment. That way, they are more likely to adopt a lifestyle of exercise and feel more encouraged to continue this habit later in life by joining gym clubs or using other outdoor gym equipment at parks or neighbourhoods to stay active doing different workouts.

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Outdoor Gym Equipment for Playgrounds

Playgrounds are common in schools and parks and have been used by children for many years to host extracurricular activities and PE lessons. In recent years, outdoor gym equipment for playgrounds have popped up in schools and parks as an initiative to make fitness fun and accessible to all school children as they grow and develop. These easy-to-use fitness stations encourage students to remain active during break times, as well as host sports training activities and occasional PE lessons.

When installing outdoor gym equipment for kids, you should make sure that you purchase versatile equipment pieces that serve different ability levels and ages. Here are some equipment pieces that are common in most fresh air fitness playgrounds in schools and parks to help you create the ultimate outdoor gym set:


Children’s double cross-country skier

This is excellent for exercising every muscle in the body.


Sit-up bench

A sit-up bench is a vital piece of outdoor gym equipment for playgrounds because both children and adults can use it. With their legs hooked under the bar, children can perform practical abdominal exercises to work out the abdomen and upper thighs.


Children’s balance beam

This allows children to build cardio strength while practising coordination and balance. It supports exercises such as touchdowns, single leg balancing and bunny hops among others. Children can work out in pairs or individually.


Children’s seated leg press

This is a must-have piece of the outdoor gym equipment for playgrounds designed to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. Children sit opposite each other and can work out longer to exercise their glutes, legs, and thighs.


Children’s arm and pedal bike

This is excellent for improving hand-eye coordination in children and improving their overall stamina and balance. It also provides a full-body workout by providing upper arm exercise.

The Advantages & Benefits of Outdoor Gym Equipment

Generally, exercising regularly has many positive effects on your health. It helps you boost your energy levels, reduce stress, prevent lifestyle diseases, increase your body strength, balance, and flexibility. But exercising with outdoor gym equipment makes your training routine more fun and enjoyable. Here are some of the many benefits of outdoor gym equipment:

Boosts your immune system

One advantage of outdoor gym equipment is that it is located in an open environment where there is free circulation of fresh oxygenated air. This allows fresh air to flow through the lungs, reduces blood pressure, boosts the respiratory system and heart rate.

Such free circulation of air helps stimulate the lungs, heart, overall blood circulation which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, insomnia, and improves the quality of your sleep. Also, you end up with a more robust body due to increased air resistance outside. The net effect is that you end up with a strong immune system that increases your body’s ability to fight against diseases.

Therapeutic surroundings

When you work out with backyard workout equipment, you can interact with freely circulating fresh air, natural scenic views, and green surroundings. Such fresh air and natural outlook outside help you relax and get rid of physiological and emotional stress. With reduced stress, you end up becoming mentally fit and have a positive, happy, and optimistic mood. You can then partake your daily activities with increased concentration.

Man Using Gym Equipment

sSocial interaction

Exercising with outdoor gym equipment lets you meet new people and work out with your family, friends, and colleagues. You can even visit the park and have fun with your spouse and kids using the outdoor gym equipment at the park or run around and show them how to exercise with the outdoor gym fitness equipment in the playground.

Besides, you get an opportunity to work out with your neighbours, friends, and meet new people. This acts as a source of motivation and encouragement. You end up with a social support system that helps you create a network of positive interpersonal relationships.

Burns more calories

As the wind blows outside, it helps offer more natural resistance. That means you will have to use more energy during the workout to overcome the resistance. This helps to burn more calories, make your body lighter, flexible and elastic, hence improving your adherence to exercise. Also, burning extra fat enables you to build lean muscles and increase your body’s stamina, making you feel more confident.

Affordable solution

Indoor fitness options such as gym clubs come with membership fees, which can be a barrier to fitness in low-income neighbourhoods. Increasing the number of outdoor gym equipment at local parks and communities can help remove such obstacles and create a positive change in the overall health and fitness in the community.

For people who exercise regularly, low-cost outdoor fitness equipment and outdoor weights equipment can help them save money on a gym membership.

Environmentally friendly

Another advantage of outside gym equipment is that it eliminates costly indoor utility fees, requires no electricity, uses minimal human resources and has fewer maintenance costs. It is also made of sustainable plastics, aluminium and steel, most of which are recyclable, hence promoting sustainability.

Environmentally conscious gym enthusiasts will find greater enjoyment of exercise using such equipment due to its minimal impact on the natural environment.

Source of Vitamin D

Outdoor gym equipment helps you get exposure to direct sunlight. Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D, which promotes healthy bones and teeth when absorbed in the skin. Vitamin D also helps in the release of hormones such as endorphins and serotonin, which help reduce pain and boost positive moods.

Provides training opportunities for physically demanding jobs

Outdoor fitness equipment is a plus for people such as firefighters, athletes, and police teams who can use such facilities to augment their training and stay fit for their jobs. Instead of going for expensive indoor gym facilities, they can take advantage of the nearby gym equipment at the park and train in adverse weather conditions to meet the demands of their careers.

Source of revenue to trainers

Instead of indoor gym settings, trainers can rent space in outdoor gym equipment and provide alternate classes in different outdoor environments. This can help break boredom among gym members and keep them motivated and encouraged.

Builds a healthy community

Garden gymnastics equipment in parks helps to build a healthy community. Health-conscious individuals are attracted to neighbourhoods with such facilities, and they can help influence the habits of non-exercisers. This helps bring new people to outdoor environments and create a fitness destination in the local area, hence building a greater community of people who benefit from regular exercise.

Make Fitness More Fun Outdoors


Exercising indoors can be boring sometimes. You get used to a confined environment and face a plateau when you achieve a certain fitness level with the same routine set of workouts. If you feel that way, it is time to hit the ground running outdoors and make fitness more fun. You can quickly achieve this by working out with outdoor gym equipment in your back garden, park, playground, or neighbourhood.

Outdoor workouts give you a more natural space to carry out your workout routines and break up the monotony of indoor gym facilities. Here are some reasons why taking your fitness plan outdoors is more fun and enjoyable:

Interact with the outdoor environment

Working out outside exposes you to fresh air and more wind resistance than running on a treadmill indoors. Running outdoors also helps you burn more energy than running the same distance indoors. When you work out on the outdoor gym equipment at the park, you can map out a route with downhill, flat and uphill segments to flex and stimulate your muscles and joints more naturally in ways that are not possible indoors. You also benefit from the therapeutic outdoor environment, get rid of stress and boost your moods.

Workout longer

When working out with outdoor gym equipment, you can get distracted by people you meet and the natural surroundings. Chatting with a friend or looking at the natural scenic views shifts your focus away to something else other than just working out. This makes your workout feel more fun, and before you know it, you end up working longer, which might not be possible indoors. You get a chance to laugh and encourage each other while catching up during breaks, which helps you to become healthier.

Have more space

Indoor fitness equipment makes you feel confined. Getting outdoor helps you get back the freedom of space. Instead of being in a stationary environment, you feel that you are on the move, and you can move in different directions without having to worry about hitting something or stepping in someone’s space.

Exercise with friends and make new ones

Exercising outdoors with your friends is often more enjoyable than working out alone at the gym. You are less likely to skip workouts when you know that you will meet other people at the park who will motivate you to work hard. You will be able to push yourself further and test your limits when you meet friends who are stronger or faster than you and become better. You can also meet new people, improve your interpersonal relationships and extend your fitness network.

Play games and try new exercises

Exercise doesn’t have to be all about lifting weights or running on a treadmill. With children’s exercise equipment, you can partake in group activities with other people at the park and play games and have more fun while exercising. You can also meet experienced people who can help you try new exercises such as lifting heavier weights or strength training that would have been hard to do while working alone indoors.

Become healthier and happier

Outdoor gym equipment makes fitness more fun by exposing you to the morning or the evening sunlight that triggers the release of endorphins associated with happiness and good moods. You also get a source of Vitamin D that makes your bones and teeth healthy. Sunlight also helps in the oxidisation of tissues and enhances the generation of energy in the muscles. You cannot get such benefits from fluorescent lights indoors.

What is the cost of Outdoor Gym Equipment?

You need to consider several things when deciding on the purchase of outdoor gym equipment. They include:


One of the first things that you will need to consider is the price of the equipment you wish to buy so that you can make sure that you are getting the best quality for the best price. It will help if you take your time to compare prices of the same equipment from different manufacturers.


The planned location of your equipment will largely determine the kind of fitness enthusiasts you will attract. So, take your time and understand who will be using your equipment and the nature of the exercises they are interested in.


This is more on what your users will gain from using the equipment. Is it for cardiovascular exercises that help your users have a healthy heart, lungs, and improve circulation or endurance? Is it for strength training to help gain muscles, and strengthen ligaments and tendons? Or is it for core strengthening, balance and flexibility? Do they have limited mobility, or will they require assistance? Is it for children or adults? Answering these questions will help you purchase equipment that matches the needs of your users.


Outdoor gym equipment should be made of high-quality material to withstand the harsh climatic conditions outside. It will help if you also look for equipment which is strong enough to support fitness enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes and still function properly year after year.


People get outdoor to have fun while exercising. No one will exercise unless your equipment is inviting and attractive. Look for outdoor gym equipment that has an aesthetically appealing design to attack and encourage more people to get fit.


You need to choose a variety of outdoor gym equipment that can be combined to offer a full-body workout. Understanding the targeted fitness goal of every piece of equipment will help you choose the right varieties for your users.

When you know what you want up front, you will be able to purchase the right equipment. But when it comes to the cost of outdoor gym equipment, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ price as this will vary depending on the type of equipment pieces you want to purchase and the manufacturer of the equipment. As you would expect, prices will vary among different manufacturers. But in a nutshell, expect to spend anywhere between £1,172 to £1,300 per item of primary school outdoor gym equipment.