The Benefits of Outdoor Activity

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The benefits of outdoor activity.

Did you know that just looking at pictures of nature can lower your blood pressure and reduce stress and mental fatigue?

It turns out that exercising outside has more benefits than you might think. Here are seven ways that exercising outdoors can help your mind and body.

Number 1. With exposure to the sun, Vitamin D levels increase. Studies have shown that Vitamin D may offer protection against osteoporosis, depression, cancer, heart attacks and stroke.

Number 2. The disease fighting cells in your body (called NK or Natural Killer cells) can increase by up to 50% after spending time outdoors.

Number 3. Mood improves and stress is reduced. Exposure to natural light has shown to elevate
a person’s mood. In other words: “Let the sun shine in”. Studies have also documented a boost in self-esteem.

Number 4. Concentration improves. Studies have shown that children with ADHD scored higher on tests of concentration after a walk through a park.

Number 5. Pain decreases and healing improves. A 2005 study of spinal surgery patients showed that patients who were exposed to natural light while exercising experienced reduced pain and had an effect on patient recovery.

Number 6. Activity increases. Children have been shown to be twice as active if playing or exercising outdoors, and this may also apply to adults.

Number 7. More social interaction. People who exercise outdoors often have more social relationships. Whether walking with a friend or participating on a team, social interactions help develop lasting friendships that are an important part of developing feelings of connectedness and overall mental health.

Although exercising indoors gets you moving, it’s clear that exercising outdoors when possible has added benefits for both the mind and body. So why not take as little as 30 minutes today to get outside for some fresh air and exercise?

At UMR, we want to support you on your journey to wellness. Regular physical activity can help you lose excess weight and ensure that your body continues to be fit and strong.

Taking the time to care for your mind and body is an important step in promoting the health and wellness of you and your family.

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