Arm and Pedal Bike


Full Body Workout

Arm and Feet Bicycle

Arm and Pedal Bike


This classic piece of gym equipment will give your pupils a full cardiovascular workout, as they will be able to exercise their arms and legs at the same time.

The Arm and Pedal Bike is ideal for a warm-up activity at the start of a PE lesson or for as part of a gentle exercise routine. The bike is suitable for a range of fitness levels as the pupil can set their own pace and there is no resistance.

Key Benefits

Improves flexibility

Builds hand-eye co-ordination

Strengthens stamina levels

Aids with balance

How to Use

Sitting down on theĀ arm pedal bike, place the feet on a pedal each and an arm on the rotating handles.

Move your feet and arms round in a circle continuously.

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