If you’re looking for ways to keep yourself and your family fit and healthy this summer, without having to pay for expensive gym memberships then look no further. There are countless numbers of exercises and workout routines you can do and enjoy from the comfort of your own garden and with little to no equipment, and we’ve gathered just some of them below.

Why is exercising outdoors good for you?

By taking your usual exercise routine out into the garden, you can not only reduce your blood pressure but your stress levels too. Other benefits include an improved mood as Vitamin D from the sun can increase your levels of serotonin – the ‘happy’ hormone.

You may also find that you can work out for longer and push yourself a little harder when you exercise outdoors, as studies have found that physical activity feels less strenuous outside. So now you know about just some of the many benefits of working out, outside, take a look at five of our favourite exercises, from intense workouts to a more relaxing form of exercise.

1. HIIT Circuits

One exercise which has quickly grown in popularity is high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT. This combines short bursts of cardiovascular fitness exercises with short rest periods in between. The aim of HIIT is to keep your heart rate up as this helps to burn body fat quicker. Below are some ideas to create your own HIIT outdoor workouts in the garden.

  1. Find an upper body exercise – this could be push-ups or tricep-dips for example
  2. Choose a lower body exercise to work your leg muscles – ideas include squats or walking lunges
  3. Select a compound exercise – for example, bench hop-overs or mountain climbers
  4. Pick a cardio exercise – you could run, skip or do some stationary cycling

2. Video Workouts

As well as creating your own routine, there are thousands of workouts available online too. The majority of video workouts are free to watch and often require little to no equipment, making it easier than ever before to keep your fitness levels up while at home.

There’s a huge range of videos to explore, from a circuit-style workout to aerobic exercises, so there’s something for everyone. All you will need is your phone, laptop or tablet to follow along with, as well as a bottle of water and a towel if you find you get sweaty when exercising.

3. Badminton

n addition to a more traditional workout, playing games is another great way to raise your heartbeat and get your body moving. One popular option is Badminton, which is a racquet similar to tennis as the players aim to hit a shuttlecock across the court and over the net. This sport is easy to play at home as you don’t need a full size court, plus the shuttlecock is softer than a tennis ball so is safer for young children and your windows!

Badminton is also a fantastic workout as it uses a range of your muscles as you move about the space to get to your shot. By enjoying a regular game with your family or friends, you will be able to strengthen your cardio and work on your core, arms and glutes.

4. Trampolining

Although you may not think of it as exercise, trampolining is an effective and fun form of physical activity. You might picture a child’s birthday party, but jumping classes are growing in popularity in gyms. As a low-impact workout, trampolining is a good option for those who find exercises like running too hard on their joints.

And you don’t need to invest in a huge trampoline to enjoy this workout as mini models, as know as rebounders, can be used by adults as part of their routine. Start bouncing for just 20 minutes a day to help tone your stomach and legs and engage your core muscles.

5. Family Games

It’s so important to make your exercise routine fun and engaging to help motivate you to want to get moving. Often the exercises you enjoy the most don’t even feel like hard work, whether that’s dancing to a Zumba playlist or trying out some boxercise. So sometimes to key to change our approach to fitness and see it as fun.

You could also get the whole family involved in the back garden with some games. You can create your sports day and set up obstacle courses, run races and practise your long jump skills. Or get the neighbours round for a good old fashioned game of tug of war!