Outdoor Exercise Benefits

Video Transcription

Rhonda Walker: In “good health,” are you tired of heading to the gym, and need a change in your workout? On this wellness Wednesday, Dr McGeorge joins use for reasons to ditch the treadmill and take the workout outdoors.

Dr Frank McGeorge: It doesn’t take long for the fitness routine to feel well, routine, and that makes it tough to stay motivated, but numerous studies find exercising outdoors offers big benefits, including more variety.

Kathy Craft: I am here several times a week. I never had that level of commitment when I had a gym membership.

Dr Frank McGeorge: When it comes to getting fit, getting back to nature could give you a boost.

Stand tall, lower your hips.

Dr Frank McGeorge: Fitness instructors Kathy Craft, doesn’t need a gym to keep her students on the move.

Kathy Craft: Abs are tight.

Dr Frank McGeorge: A foot bridge offers resistance training, a hiking trail takes the place of a Stair Master.

Kathy Craft: If we are in an indoor exercise class, you are watching the clock, when is this going to end, thinking about the rest of your day, instead of being in the moment.

Dr Frank McGeorge: Experts say calorie wise, outdoor tops indoor. Moving over different terrain is tougher and more Vitamin D means more feel-good endorphins.

Coming out here in the fresh air, it just really relieves my stress.

Dr Frank McGeorge: Outdoor exercisers are also more likely to stick with their regimen than their indoor counterparts, but it doesn’t have to be an organized class.

Meeting a buddy to walk outdoors or family time playing sports or chasing your kids around the yard works too.

Dr Rebecca Barker: I think people are happier exercising outdoors because they’re not staring at a screen being told what their heart rate is. I think people push themselves harder when there’s not something reminding them of what they’re doing.

Dr Frank McGeorge: And you never know who might show up to cheer you on. This time of year you do need to watch the heat, so it’s best to exercise earlier in the morning before it gets too hot. As an added bonus, on the hottest days, heading back into the gym and air-conditioning, well it will feel like a treat. Back to you.

Rhonda Walker: It’s a perfect morning for a morning workout.